Distribution centers & suppliers:
Will my package be send directly from a distribution center or supplier?         ✓
Are products stored in a distribution center?         ✓
I ordered multiple products, is it possible I receive multiple packages from different locations?         ✓
Will a distribution center automatically be selected?         ✓
Is it possible my package will be shipped international?         ✓
Is the price for a product & shipping based on the location of a distribution center?         ✓
Can I collect directly from a distribution center or supplier?         X
Can I order a product if it's not in stock?         X
Do I need to contact the distribution centers or supplier if I have a problem with my order?         X
Where are the distribution centers located? Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, USA, Australia, UK and more. 
Where are suppliers located? Worldwide